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of success in the cosmetic

treatments and equipment business



of high quality production

on the Costa del Sol, Spain

After all those years as industry leaders and innovators our inventive spirit and creativity is as high as ever, and we look forward to continuing a fascinating journey that has taken us through all aspects of the modern cosmetics market. Be it innovative skin treatments, specialist in cosmetic-techniques to decrease the resistant of the epidermis, specialty care products, or inventive instruments for permanent make up, light therapy and many more fields. We have touched and sometimes actually shaped a wide variety of aspects of modern beauty treatments with our products.

Since more than a decade La Fontaine Technology S.L. has been successfully been on the market as a high quality OEM manufacturer. Our main specialization is to not only to produce European quality at reasonable cost, but also to invent and be creative on your behalf. Our clients benefit from four decades of experience in beauty medical equipment, high effective beauty products on the border to the medicine and worldwide successful treatments concepts, practice orientated with solutions from facial, body treatment till to the high quality Permanent Make-up. With our personal expertise, we offer a deep insight in all practical aspects of a modern day salon or beauty studio. We give your brand a reliable and creative partner from the first product idea, through creative design, engineering and final manufacturing.

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La Fontaine Technology S.L. is a specialized OEM manufacturer for the cosmetics and beauty treatment industry. Founded and owned by long-time entrepreneurs Helmut & Gabriela La Fontaine, La Fontaine Technology S.L. has served countless brands with specialized instruments, care products and innovative equipment for beauty salons and studios.

Located on the beautiful Costa del Sol in Andalusia / Southern Spain, the company actually fabricates prototypes and small series of specialized products in house. With engineering, mechanical construction and manufacturing as owned resources, as well as a network of specialists for electronics engineering, design and specialty manufacturing, the company offers a complete program while being small and flexible to react to any challenge the market my bring along.

The OEM Process



You know what your customers want – and we can help you add the special twist, that uniqueness and ingenuity that will help you sizzle the market and engage your customers even more.

 We can assist you in creating your own product, or invent from scratch for you. La Fontaine Technology S.L. has always been at the forefront of new developments, ground breaking treatment ideas and leading edge equipment that takes professional cosmetic treatments a step further.


Concept desing

Technology makes the product, but design makes the sale. In today’s world, you need to be creative, outstanding and yet elegant and economical at the same time to satisfy the sophisticated customer.

 A big challenge, albeit one that we have taken on very successfully for our clients. Starting from the first sketches and outlines to complete three-dimensional rendered presentations, our design team will take your product to the next level.



Once the idea is settled and the design is exciting, we move the project forward with “German precision engineering”. Decades of international experience and best-practice knowledge, combined with our in-house CAD construction and electronic development teams, La Fontaine Technology S.L. now moves the product from a creative dream to a tangible reality.

 A product will only move into production once it complies with the very high standards that La Fontaine Technology S.L. has established for itself. During this process, we always keep any eye on economics, ease in manufacturing and servicing, as well as constantly check user-friendliness with seasoned professional practitioners in the field of cosmetic and beauty treatment.



As a full service OEM provider La Fontaine Technology S.L. furnishes you with your completed product, market-ready out of one hand!

La Fontaine Technology S.L. is a certified medical grade manufacturer for the cosmetic industry and is as such officially authorized to produce delicate equipment such as permanent-make-up needles and other medical grade equipment. In our own manufacturing facilities in Elviria, Costa del Sol / Spain, we manufacture and assemble the final product, including packaging, labelling and all necessary side- services as our clients may request.

With a network of strong European and international suppliers we are able to balance perfectly between speed of production, finest quality and very affordable pricing to keep our clients competitive. All products receive their final manufacturing and assembly in our manufacturing facility in Spain, including rigorous inspection and quality control.



From our central shipping hub in Elviria / Spain we distribute products worldwide. With extensive knowledge in both the right packaging and stacking, as well as all the intricacies of logistics and customs procedures La Fontaine Technology S.L. makes the most reliable international OEM partner you can get.

 La Fontaine Technology S.L. is your partner throughout the whole process chain. We are proud of our skills and our achievements and we will take the greatest care to give you the best experience and success in working with us possible


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